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Spring Rain

Today is a pleasant spring day in Miyazaki, a lush green city of rivers, streams and ponds by the ocean.

Beautiful hydrangeas are in bloom, and gentle, warm rain has been falling all day. Here is a famous haiku poem … Read the rest

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When Timing is Everything

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Sometimes, timing is everything!Japanese is rich in short, four-character idioms called Yoji-Jukugo.

These are zen-inspired expression of age-old wisdom in short phrases, and there are literally thousands of them. They have survived for centuries, and are still today an integral part of Read the rest

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Tea and the Moment

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Nothing complicated. Just a cup of tea, with some serenity!There is more to drinking green tea than enjoying its taste and aroma, or taking in its health benefits.

In Japanese, “Kissako” is an invitation call to take a relaxing, quiet moment out, sip some tea and reflect … Read the rest

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