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The 80% Rule of not Overeating

The 80% rule is not only about eating to be slimmer and fitter, but for being healthier and more agile.

There is an old Japanese saying which goes: Hara hachi bu de, issha irazu! (80%-full, no need for doctors.)

It is a scientific fact that it takes the human nervous system about 20 minutes to process the information coming … Read the rest

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Love at First Sight

Aya is a leading sustainable organic farming community in Japan, located about 20 kilometers from Miyazaki.

I fell in love with Aya the first time I saw her. She sat quietly under an impossibly blue sky, ringed by emerald green mountains and evergreen forests.

The hills around her were dotted with wild camellia forests and citrus … Read the rest

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Seeing Beauty in Imperfection


At the core of Japanese world view is the concept of Wabi Sabi. It is an intuitive, non-judgmental way of seeing the material world – beyond personal biases and artificial notions of intellectualism.

Wabi Sabi is not about ‘beautiful’ … Read the rest

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Shamisen and the Kimonoed Woman

Kimono-clad-lady-playing-shamisenDowntown Miyazaki is full of tall buildings packed with shops and restaurants.  At night, the neon lights and crowds of people can cause a bit of sensory overload.  That’s when I like to get off the busy roads and find … Read the rest

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Mr. Shiitake

Miyazaki-shiitake-mushroomsOne of the benefits of living near Japanese countryside is that fresh food is always nearby, and always affordable.  

Even so, I was completely surprised today when our local ‘shiitake man’ motored up my driveway with his truck full … Read the rest

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