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Dancing with Spirits

Bon odori (folk dance) widely practiced on Obon nights at parks, gardens, shrines, or temples wearing yukata (summer kimono).

In Japan, August is the month for Bon Odori traditional dance festivals. It is the time of year for Japanese to remember and honor their ancestors and to celebrate their eternal presence in their daily lives.

Bon Odori is widely … Read the rest

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Beat the Summer Heat the Japanese Traditional Way


Beat the summer heat Japanese traditional way

Most of the Japanese archipelago has four distinct seasons, and Japanese lifestyle includes time-tested traditions of coping with intense summer heat.

From our houses to our cars, offices and malls, air conditioners are everywhere. Indeed, life without them can … Read the rest

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Harmony or Efficiency Which Do You Rather Pick?


Japanese hardly ever use the word no (いいえ, i-ie), even when they mean to disagree. Instead, they prefer to express a negative statement differently, and less harshly — albeit less efficiently. Simply put, they value harmony more than being efficient.… Read the rest

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