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Practical Japanese Table Manner Tips


Japanese have very elaborate rules for table etiquette.  Here are a few practical tips you can use to enhance your Japanese dining experience in almost any occasion.

“Oshibori” Hand Towel

Oshibori is the little finger towel placed neatly next to … Read the rest

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Celebrating Coming of Age in Japan

Coming-of-age-day-in-Japan-550pxIf you are in Japan on the second Monday of January, you’ll see many young people out and about dressed in their very best,  girls especially looking beautiful in their elaborate kimonos.

The second Monday of January is Coming-of-Age Day … Read the rest

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Winter Haiku poems

Winter and Japanese lady in kimono

on new year’s day
i long for my parents
before I was born

(ganjitsu ni | umarenu saki no | oya koishi)
Natsume Soseki (1867-1916)

the sky draws near
such a bright sunrise
aahh! new year’s day

(sora chikaku | Read the rest

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