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Sun Protection the Japanese Way Apparel and Safe Susncreens

Japanese women and sun protectionWhen it comes to Japanese women, sun protection is a national obsession.

Sunscreens are popular in Japan, though they are considered as the “last line of defense” in the fight against sun’s damaging rays. A comprehensive approach includes

  • Wearing protective
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Iced Shiso Juice on a Hot Summer Day

iced-shiso-juiceQuench your thirst with a zesty cup of iced shiso juice. The vibrant color and the invigorating taste is bound to liven-up any occasion.

This recipe is for making 3.5 cups of concentrate, yielding 48 cups of iced shiso juice.… Read the rest

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A Blanket of Health

sugi-forest-and-Japanese-woman-1A healthy forest is a medicine factory.

Nature has designed us to feel good when we are surrounded by trees. Perhaps this is it’s way of encouraging us to do more of it.

Forest Bathing (shin-rin-yoku)

The Japanese countryside is … Read the rest

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