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Lives in Miyazaki, Japan and is a contributing editor to WAWAZA's blogs.

Rice Harvest Season in Miyazaki


Most parts of Japan have little choice as to when they plant their rice.  It’s usually transplanted into the rice paddies soon after the last frost has passed in the spring.

This means that mountainous areas often can’t plant their … Read the rest

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A Day in the Country

a day in Japanese countryside

A friend of ours owns some land deep in the mountains of Miyazaki. It’s a couple of kilometers from the nearest house and the only sounds heard are those of nature.  It is a wild place, where deer, boars and … Read the rest

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Nanakusa – Signs of the Awakening Spring

In Japan, in the beginning of January, soon after the New Year’s festivities have ended, the first signs of Spring begin to sprout from the soil.

This new growth is manifest in the nanakusa (七草), literally “7 wild herbs,” Read the rest

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Natural Farming, the Viable Alternative

Leave the care of the natural garden to the birds, no need for human knowledge or human doing, leave it to nature. Masanobu Fukuoka, natural farming pioneer

Modern agriculture and its methods have been hurting the environment and people’s health for decades.   There is a growing interest in organic food and natural farming as well as preserving biodiversity, and many seek to gain more understanding about the … Read the rest

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Love at First Sight

Aya is a leading sustainable organic farming community in Japan, located about 20 kilometers from Miyazaki.

I fell in love with Aya the first time I saw her. She sat quietly under an impossibly blue sky, ringed by emerald green mountains and evergreen forests.

The hills around her were dotted with wild camellia forests and citrus … Read the rest

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