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This post was written by collaboration and contributions of the staff at WAWAZA Japanese Traditional Beauty and Wellness based in Miyazaki, Japan.

Mountains, Sacred Myths, and Respect for Nature

Japanese affinity for awe-inspiring beauty of their mountains is deep-rooted in a curious mix of sacred myths, love of outdoors and respect for nature.

Nearly 70 per cent of the Japanese archipelago is covered in breathtaking mountain ranges and majestic … Read the rest

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The Humble Rice Paddy Holds Secrets of Japan’s Soul

For the Japanese, rice farming is more than just agriculture; it is the essence of culture, community and indeed life itself.

It is hard to exaggerate the reverence Japanese have for rice farming. Organized rice cultivation in Japan began about … Read the rest

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A Bold, Beautiful Lady

Tōkō Shinoda is an avant-garde Japanese painter who keeps creating masterpieces. She just turned 104.

Toko Shinoda is a leading Japanese avant-garde painter who just turned 104. For over seventy years she has kept on creating bold, evocative art which speak from her heart.

Reminiscence – 2005

Picture above is of a 2005 painting by … Read the rest

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Place Where There Are No Strangers

The place where there are no strangers is not a place at all; it is in our hearts. To me, the pretty cherry blossoms show the way how.under cherry blossoms’ shade
even those whom we don’t know
are not strangers

                               – Issa Kobayashi (1819)

When we can share feelings with others, they are no longer strangers. If we have empathy, “others” become “we”. Where there can never … Read the rest

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Japanese Green and Herbal Teas

Japanese traditional green and herbal teas

Below are links to various posts on our site on

  • How to brew popular Japanese green teas such as sencha, matcha, hojicha and genmaicha
  • Tips on how to choose green teas, aromas, flavor and caffeine content
  • Guides on benefits of
Read the rest
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Irises, Yomogi and Traditions of May

The deeply-hued, passionate ayame irises are an unmistakable sign of spring and early summer. Their vivid color and bold beauty have inspired poets, artists and kimono makers for generations.

It’s early May. The Japanese countryside is blanketed with some of the most beloved symbols of Japanese spring: passionate irises and yomogi, the Japanese “wonder herb”.

The love affair with irises and yomogi runs deep in Japan’s national psyche, … Read the rest

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A Moment of Serenity in Midst of Busy Affairs

Incense and a moment of serenityAppreciating aroma of incense is a classical Japanese art form called Kōdō (the Way of Aroma), codified in 15th century in a set of ten principles (see below). “Brings a moment of serenity in midst of busy affairs” is the … Read the rest

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Traditions and New Year Wishes

Japanese ladies and Ema wishing plaques

New year in Japan is filled with a variety of traditional activities. The picture above shows shrine visitors during the very first visit of their favorite shrine in the new year (called hatsumōde), in front of a display of colorful … Read the rest

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Winter is Half Over! Heralding Spring's Arrival in January



A typical Japanese New Year greeting goes like this: I humbly congratulate you in this early spring (Hatsu-haru no o-yorokobi o mōshiagemasu).

Japanese New-Year Card

Typical Japanese New Year card referring to January 1st as “early spring” (hatsuharu).

Seeing the

Read the rest
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When Myth Becomes Reality

Japanese girls with kimono at the procession

Japanese mythological storytelling often weaves tales of great gods and goddesses with real-life historical events which people can relate to.

Perhaps because of this reason, celebrations of Japanese myths and legends have always been a part of everyday life, and … Read the rest

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