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Taro Kobayashi is a Miyazaki based senior editor for WAWAZA .

Pearl Powder for Skin Care: Facts, Benefits and How to Use

Safe, Therapeutic, Cosmetic: To use a good, pure pearl powder for skincare is to get a rare gift of nature which can boast all three benefits at the same time.

Pearl powders from Japanese Akoya oysters are among the finest anywhere, renowned for their quality, nutrition content and iridescent hues (also called orient)It’s common knowledge that royal ladies were using pearl powder … Read the rest

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Japanese Green and Herbal Teas

Japanese traditional green and herbal teas

Below are links to various posts on our site on

  • How to brew popular Japanese green teas such as sencha, matcha, hojicha and genmaicha
  • Tips on how to choose green teas, aromas, flavor and caffeine content
  • Guides on benefits of
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Traditions and New Year Wishes

Japanese ladies and Ema wishing plaques

New year in Japan is filled with a variety of traditional activities. The picture above shows shrine visitors during the very first visit of their favorite shrine in the new year (called hatsumōde), in front of a display of colorful … Read the rest

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Part Earth, Part Spirit Japan's pre-historic sculptures are a mystery to be enjoyed

They are a curious mix of animal, human and the super-natural. They are “dogu,” the most remarkable representation of Japan’s Jomon culture (12,000 BC), a Neolithic era before the advent of rice cultivation — a world before the Hollywoody cliches … Read the rest

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