About Miyazaki Whispers


Miyazaki is a green patch of earth in south Kyushu island. Life is simple here, people are kind and Japanese traditions still play a significant role in daily life. And we love it!

Miyazaki-Scenes-300pxWe have lived and worked in different parts of the world. Been there, done that. What we can say now is that living in Miyazaki has given us a deep appreciation for a simpler, yet much richer way of life.

Our passion is in continuing to learn the old wisdom, to apply it to modern living and to share what we know with all.

You can get Japanese beauty tips, recipes or how-to’s anywhere. Aim of our blog goes well beyond that. We try to also provide cultural context and provoke a thought, so that you can adapt the know-how to your own lifestyle.

We hope you find our pages interesting.

Our main contributors

yoshi_150pxYoshi is a contributing editor for Miyazaki Whispers. She holds a 5-dan rank in Japanese Kyudo Archery, and has lived and worked in Japan, UK and US in global marketing and as an IT localization professional. Yoshi’s interests are Japanese and western cuisine and kimono art.

YuriYuri is a contributing editor for Miyazaki Whispers. She has graduate degrees from Ochanomizu University in Tokyo in Japanese classical arts and Yamaguchi University in nutrition and food science. Yuri’s interests are Japanese traditional herbal studies and yoga.