Rice Harvest Season in Miyazaki


Most parts of Japan have little choice as to when they plant their rice.  It’s usually transplanted into the rice paddies soon after the last frost has passed in the spring.

This means that mountainous areas often can’t plant their rice until around June.

Fortunately for Miyazaki, the climate is quite mild and rice can be planted in late March. This is beneficial because by the time the typhoons appear in August and September the rice has already been harvested.

It also means our farmers can sell their rice before others whose rice is not yet mature.

Japanese are very particular about rice. Some consider mountain-grown varieties to be more delicious since the paddies are fed with the mountain’s clean, cold water.

Miyazaki has a varied terrain, from low-lying flatlands to lush green mountains.

Harvesting has already begun in lower elevations. Our farmers will begin harvesting the mountain-grown rice in a few weeks.


Lives in Miyazaki, Japan and is a contributing editor to WAWAZA's blogs.

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Lives in Miyazaki, Japan and is a contributing editor to WAWAZA's blogs.
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  1. Avatar Iris Rivera says:

    Thank you for all the interested articles.
    I learn so much and I will attempt to make the recipes.
    I have alot of interest for the Japanese culture and hope to visit in the next two years.

    Keep those great articles with great information comings. I will read each one of them.

    Thank you,

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