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A Moment of Serenity in Midst of Busy Affairs

Incense and a moment of serenityAppreciating aroma of incense is a classical Japanese art form called Kōdō (the Way of Aroma), codified in 15th century in a set of ten principles (see below). “Brings a moment of serenity in midst of busy affairs” is the … Read the rest

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Never a Second Chance


In Japanese Kyudo archery, the practitioner is taught to treat each and every shot as though it is the only one he or she will ever shoot in life, and there will never be a second chance.

There are no … Read the rest

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Japanese Kyudo: Zen in the Art of Archery

Kyudo, literally means "way of the bow", and is often referred to as tachi-zen (standing meditation).Kyudo, literally means “way of the bow”,  and is often referred to as tachi-zen (standing meditation). In essence, it is a personal search for truth, virtue and beauty.

I started practicing Kyudo several years ago, thinking that it would be … Read the rest

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