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A Passion for Cherry Blossoms

Japanese passion for cherry blossoms
Here in Japan, passion for cherry blossoms run deeps in the national psyche, and anticipating their arrival every spring is an inseparable part of life bordering on obsession.

Pictures above are from nightly news national TV broadcasts in early March. … Read the rest

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Spring in February

In Setsubun, Japanese throw roasted beans around with loud shouts and chants of “Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!”

For many centuries, Japanese have celebrated the end of winter on February 3rd by the festival of Setsubun, followed by Risshun on February 4th, which marks the beginning of spring.

Setsubun and Risshun are significant days in the the Japanese … Read the rest

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Rain, Glorious Rain!

Japanese women in the rain

Today is the first day of Tsuyu, the beginning of rainy season in southern Japan. Spring is in its full glory  and gentle, warm rain has been falling all day.

It will rain here every day for the next … Read the rest

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Flying Carps, Yomogi Treats and Iris Leaves

If you see colorful carp windsocks flying in the breeze in Japan, no doubt it’s close to May 5th, the Kodomo-no-hi (Children’s Day), the day to celebrate the health and happiness of all children.

On Kodomo-no-hi children go around to … Read the rest

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Nanakusa – Signs of the Awakening Spring

In Japan, in the beginning of January, soon after the New Year’s festivities have ended, the first signs of Spring begin to sprout from the soil.

This new growth is manifest in the nanakusa (七草), literally “7 wild herbs,” Read the rest

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