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Making Tea with Children Helps Teach Values

Teaching tea ceremony ideals to children: manners, gentleness, consideration, and harmony.

In Japan, the tea ceremony is more than an artistic pastime for preparation and presentation of matcha. The ideals which it represents can serve as potent tools for teaching children personal and social values.

Although I am Japanese, I was … Read the rest

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Place Where There Are No Strangers

The place where there are no strangers is not a place at all; it is in our hearts. To me, the pretty cherry blossoms show the way how.under cherry blossoms’ shade
even those whom we don’t know
are not strangers

                               – Issa Kobayashi (1819)

When we can share feelings with others, they are no longer strangers. If we have empathy, “others” become “we”. Where there can never … Read the rest

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Irises and the Moment


In spring irises have been appreciated in Japan for a very long time.

Their vivid color and bold beauty have inspired fashion designers and kimono makers for generations.

The picture above is of a block print by the great Utagawa … Read the rest

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A Passion for Cherry Blossoms

Japanese passion for cherry blossoms
Here in Japan, passion for cherry blossoms run deeps in the national psyche, and anticipating their arrival every spring is an inseparable part of life bordering on obsession.

Pictures above are from nightly news national TV broadcasts in early March. … Read the rest

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Never a Second Chance


In Japanese Kyudo archery, the practitioner is taught to treat each and every shot as though it is the only one he or she will ever shoot in life, and there will never be a second chance.

There are no … Read the rest

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