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Lady Butterfly Aburatorigami Beauty Paper

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  • Look and feel your best, all day long
  • Handmade from Abaca paper
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Aburatorigami blotting paper 50 sheets

Japanese women's secret for a shine-free, vibrant complexion.

Look and feel your best, all day long with this traditional Japanese Aburatorigami beauty paper.

50 sheets, handmade from natural-fiber pulp-free Abaca paper. Infused with genuine gold flakes.

How to use aburatorigami facial blotting paper

Stylish case keeps sheets protected in your purse or makeup bag.

  • Remove excess oil and perspiration
  • Does not smear makeup or dry skin
  • Eliminate need for oil control products
  • Smooth foundation before applying final makeup
  • Remove excess moisturizer which exaggerates fine lines and wrinkles

Pure, Natural, Cruelty-free

All-natural. No additives, fragrances or powders. Not tested on animals and cruelty-free.

Material: Pulp-free Japanese Abaca paper, genuine gold leaf flakes
Count: 50 Sheets
Size: 90 x 65 mm
Product of Japan

How to Use

Remove Perspiration and Excess Oil

Gently pat skin with a sheet of Lady Butterfly™ Aburatorigami anywhere there is perspiration or excess oil. Use both sides of the sheet. Repeat as often as needed throughout the day.

Prepare Skin Before Makeup

After you apply moisturizer to your skin, even the best foundations and powders can settle in and exaggerate fine lines and wrinkles, which will show through makeup. Pat skin with a sheet to remove excess moisturizer.

How it Works

Keeps Skin's Sebum Balance

Lady Butterfly™ does not strip skin's essential oils like facial wipes — and you do not rub it on your face. It has no chemicals to irritate skin. Rather, it works by "patting" it gently on skin to blot away excess oil and perspiration. As a result, makeup is not smudged, and skin is not dried.

Evens-out Complexion

Excess oil or moisturizer gets deposited on skin unevenly, scattering light and creating both dull and shiny zones at the same time. Lady Butterfly™ removes excess oil and moisturizer, making skin reflect light evenly and the complexion looking vibrant.

Strong, and Thinner Than Hair

How WAWAZA's aburatorigami is made

Lady Butterfly™ is made by stacking sheets of Abaca paper and gold, and pounding the stack in a manual press more than a whopping 50,000 times (compared to less than 3,000 for most other blotting papers).

The result is a super-smooth, very dense and highly absorbent sheet of beautiful paper, thinner than 0.03 mm (less than 1/2 the thickness of average hair). The smooth texture makes near-perfect contact with skin, without penetrating into pores — only removing the "excess" oil or moisturizer by osmosis (blotting) action, without drying the skin.

Pulp-free means Lady Butterfly™ is remarkably strong and resistant to tear, having undergone no chemical processing.

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Product Reviews

  1. Womderful

    Posted by Claudia on 8th Sep 2018

    They are so practical - get rid of excess oil in your face on the go...my forehead, chin and nose always start to become very oily at noon...it‘s the best thing ever to quickly and comfortably get rid of any excess oil in your face - I love it and it also feels great! Also, it‘s lovely packed and really beautiful!

  2. Best I have ever tried

    Posted by tawny on 26th Feb 2017

    I have combination skin (really oily T-zone) and live in a humid environment. So I am continually fighting shine. I just pat my face with one of these and voila! The shine is gone. I also like that they don't contain powder, so they don't leave any pasty residue on skin. And the packaging is so beautiful and tasteful. Highly recommend.

  3. Very interesting product…

    Posted by Anne L. on 4th Feb 2017

    these little sheets of paper are so particular, to look at them you wouldn’t think they do such a great job. They seem just tiny fragile sheets, but when you wipe one over the face it is kind of magic :). It removes all the excess greasiness, adjusts shiny parts without drying and if you look closely, leaves a kind of very fine luminous layer, but naturally luminous, not shiny, not “glittering” like the makeups do. It’s not easy to explain, should just try to see. Evidently it is because of the extremely fine gold particles, I’d be curious to see the exact action of these sheets on a microscope, at a cellular level.
    - this is of those ‘one of a kind’ products who become easily your "daily friends" because they’re so quick, handy and effective. And I would say also the cost is great, 50 sheets one everyday is almost 2 months of use – to have a true gold on your skin for less than 5 euros per month, I think it is definitely a good price. Thank you Wawaza!!

  4. does a good job with removing shininess and oily feeling

    Posted by Anita s. on 1st Nov 2016

    My face is not that oily and I have been using it for touching up during the day since it does a great job with removing shininess and oily feeling from my skin without making it feel dry and without smearing my makeup. I think they are a little expensive but $10 is probably not bad compared to what's out there.

  5. Effective!

    Posted by Nat on 12th Jan 2015

    I be honest, at first I didn't think much of it, as I don't suffer from oily skin or extra shine. I still appreciated it the nice gift, but did not thought I was going to get much use from it. HOWEVER, after I applied my moisturizer (Bijin oil), I decided to use one of these nifty little paper pads and wow! These little papers really do as the product states. They did remove the excess rice bran oil that I had on my face without drying out that section of my face. I usually remove the excess with a clean towel but at times it feels like I removed all of the oil, however with this paper it felt as if only the surface oil was removed.

    I am uncertain if I will buy this product in the future, as I don't suffer of oily skin nor shine. However, for those out there that are looking for a product that will remove excess oil without drying your skin or ruining your makeup, this would be the product to spend your money on! :)

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