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Japanese Wonder Citron

Yuzu, the Japanese wonder citron

Among things that are unmistakably Japanese, yuzu must be near the top.

Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit (scientific name: Citrus junos) about the size of a tangerine. Think of it as kind of a small lemon with a subtly exotic aroma and a burst of flavor to match.

It is difficult to describe what yuzu tastes and smells like. Words that come to mind are zesty, aromatic, subtle and coy. Yuzu does not overwhelm. It complements with subtlety, like the gentle sound of wind chimes tinkering in a lazy summer breeze.

In Japan, yuzu is everywhere. It is used fresh, dried, as a paste, with salt and other condiments for almost any dish. It is sliced thin to garnish fish and meat dishes. Yuzu is used to make jams, marmalades, lemonade-like drinks, and even ice cream.

The list goes on and on.

Yuzu citron bathJapanese float whole yuzus in their hot tubs for taking a long, refreshing “yuzu-yu” bath. Packed with essential oils, yuzu extract is used by leading cosmetics manufacturers for rejuvenating and replenishing the skin.

Yuzu trees are common in Japan, especially in the subtropical southern regions.  Yuzu cultivation began in Japan in the 8th century.  Every summer, tiny white blossoms cover its branches, disguising the sharp thorns that can make picking yuzu in late autumn and winter a troublesome task.

If you want to expand your experience of aroma, taste, and sensation, give yuzu a try. You will not be disappointed!

Japanese Citron-infused Chili (Yuzu Kosho)

Yuzu Kosho

Traditional Japanese condiment for almost any dish.
Great on salads, pizza and burgers too.

Yuzu Herbal Aromatic Bath Pack


Experience taking a yuzu bath, Japanese style!
Packed with essential oils for your skin.

Yuzu-shio: Japanese Citron & Salt Seasoning

Use less salt by seasoning your meals with
this combination of salt and finely ground yuzu zest.

Yuzu & Hot Spices Seasoning “Shichimi-Togarashi”

Yuzu with seven spices.
A classic Japanese condiment for almost any dish.

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