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Have You Read the Chemical List on Your Shampoo Label?

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Japanese Seaweed Hair Cleanser and Conditioner

fresh from our staff

From our staff

Jun 26, 2015 JST - Japanese say "When one is in love, blemishes become dimples" (horete shimaeba, abata mo ekubo). When it comes to describing looks, words such as “graceful” and “charming” have a very significant place. When a lady is seen as graceful or charming, there already exists a feeling that likeable is beautiful. Read more here.

Pure Japanese Camellia Oil

Pure Japanese Camellia Oil. Cold-pressed. Unrefined. Wild harvest.

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Happy 95th birthday, grandma!

Cleansing is Where Skincare Begins

Additive-free Japanese Soaps

For Your Skin's Health and Beauty

Japanese Burdock Root Tea (Gobocha) for your wellness and beauty. Depurative. No Caffeine.

Unrefined Rice Bran Moisturizer

Japanese rice bran cold-pressed, unrefined facial and skin moisturizer. Packed with anti-aging Gamma Oryzanol antioxidants and Tocotrienol, the "Super Vitamin E."


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