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Japanese Beauty and Wellness Products

All-Natural • Virtually Unchanged for Centuries

Skincare, Time-Tested Way

all-natural traditional skincare products for a glowing, soft and healthy complexion

Recipe: Matcha Smoothie Health Boost

Matcha smoothie

Summer Cleansing, Okinawan Style

Okinawan summer soap

Go Beyond Just Coloring Your Lips

Benifude style lip brushes

Herbal Tea For Your Skin

Improves complexion and bounce

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Camellia japonica oil from wild seeds of Yabu-tsubakiWith its golden color and creamy texture, Japanese Camellia oil has been responsible for the classic, legendary beauty of Japanese hair for centuries. Complete how-to-use guide for hair, body and skincare. Read more...

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Pure, Authentic Products. That's What We Are All About.

All-Natural Ingredients: No additives or preservatives. Cruelty-Free.All-Natural Ingredients: No additives or preservatives. Cruelty-Free.Minimizing Our Carbon Footprint

Time-Tested: Formulations virtually unchanged for centuries.Time-Tested: Formulations virtually unchanged for centuries.

Minimizing Our Carbon FootprintEco-Friendly Shipping: Using high-quality, recycled paper & cardboard.

Fast processing: 98.7% of orders shipped the same day (2018 data).Fast Processing: 98.7% of orders shipped the same day (2018 data).

Secured Connection: 258-bit encryption for safe browsing and checkout.Secured Connection: 258-bit encryption for safe browsing and checkout.

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