Japanese Traditional Beauty & Wellness

All-natural ♥ Virtually unchanged for centuries

Four of our best all-natural traditional skincare products for a glowing, soft and healthy complexion

Japanese traditional "Sukigushi" comb, for handcrafted from tsuge (boxwood).

All natural Japanese herbal bath packs

Japanese traditional herbs for weight loss, beautifying skin, allergy relief, ridding body toxins, and more. All-natural.

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Japanese woman caring for her skin

Products to make your skin glow

Japanese woman caressing hair

Reveal your hair's natural beauty

Cup of loose leaf Hojicha and a teapot

Healthy lifestyle, one cup at a time

Tips & Good Reads

Japanese One-Soup One-Dish Cuisine

How to Use Japanese Camellia (Tsubaki) Oil

Japanese women are by far more interested in skin and hair care than color cosmetics and fragrances

The Japanese have a long history of consuming herbal teas for their pleasant flavor and therapeutic benefits.

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