Japanese Hair-Cleansing Tsuge Wood Comb (Suki-gushi)

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Japanese traditional "Suki-gushi" style comb, for handcrafted from tsuge (boxwood).

Clean, beautify and reduce the need for frequent hair washes the way Japanese have done for centuries.Clean, beautify and reduce the need for frequent hair washes the way Japanese have done for centuries.

You can also take it on trips where access to showering is limited, or use as an alternative to dry shampoos and foams.

If you use Camellia oil, this comb helps you get more even, better coverage by using less.

❤ Clean Hair as You Comb

Taper-shaped teeth clean hair by scooping dirt, dandruff, and other particles off as you comb. Smooth, seamless teeth glide effortlessly through hair without snagging and causing breakage.

❤ Bring Out Hair's Natural Beauty

Tsuge (boxwood) is a super-dense, fine grain hard wood containing numerous microscopic "pores."

As you comb, these tiny pores pick up and re-distribute your hair's oils in super-thin, even layers, bringing out its natural gloss.

❤ Reduce Friz

Unlike plastic combs, tsuge does not generate static electricity when you comb. Works with your hair, rather than against it.

Comes with handcrafted case. Patterns vary based on availability.

Pre-soaked with Camellia oil and ready to use.

Overall Size - 9.8 cm long by 5.3 cm tall
Teeth - 1.2 mm pitch, 1.9 cm long
Material - Aged Tsuge Boxwood
Handcrafted in Japan

Choosing the Right Comb for Your Hair

  • Hair Type: All Types
  • Best For: Designed for cleansing hair and reducing wash frequency and versatile. 
  • Suitable for All Hair Lengths

How to Use

The comb has a front and a back side. The teeth have narrow gaps in the front, and wide gaps in the back. The front side is marked. You comb with the front side facing roots of your hair (see picture in gallery).

The comb has two identical rows: one on top and another on the bottom. The handle slides on and off so you can use either row. It's like having two combs. 

About Tsuge and Sukigushi

Tsuge, also known as boxwood, is a small tree which grows very slowly. It takes over thirty years to mature and produces a super-dense, hard wood which Japanese use for making combs with exceedingly high polish and finish.

Sukigushi in Japanese means "scooping comb" because the teeth are shaped like a scoop (narrow in the front, wide in the back) to cleanse hair.

To make a comb, wood is harvested from tsuge trees which are at least 35 years old. Cut pieces are cleaned and smoked to strengthen the wood and remove insects and stored for drying in a dedicated warehouse. Because of this smoking, tsuge combs give off a pleasant, smoky scent. After that, pieces with the best wood grain are selected for handcrafting in multiple steps of rough-shaping, carving, polishing, and soaking with Camellia oil.

How to Care for Your Comb

Tsuge combs render their best performance when occasionally cleaned with Camellia oil. They also get softer and more polished with time, and the wood becomes darker and richer in color.

  • Every comb comes with a 5 ml bottle of our wildcrafted Camellia oil.Use a soft toothbrush and a few drops of Camellia oil to clean your comb. Wipe with a soft cloth.
  • Keep your comb protected in your purse or your vanity drawer, as you would your high-quality accessories.

Every comb comes with a 5 ml bottle of our wildcrafted Camellia oil.

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  • 5
    Wonderful company, wonderful products

    Posted by Andrea on 20th May 2019

    The quick Detangler Brush from Wawaza has been the only brush I’ve used for the past few years with great results and I’ve been convincing myself to invest in the Sukigushi eversince as I’ve found the price to be pretty steep. Nonetheless, I finally did and I’m very happy about my decision. The comb conditions my thick hair wonderfully and does a great job at cleaning and massaging your scalp without snagging or scratching. Thank you Wawaza for your simple and straight forward products, that truly deliver!

  • 5
    Best comb ever

    Posted by Claudia on 8th Sep 2018

    As some reviewers previously mentioned, I was sceptical about the price as well at first BUT this is the best way to comb your hair ever. My hair‘s so much better since I use it together with Camellia oil - less thin and I can postpone washing my hair one day longer - it gets soft, clean and shiny, I love it and I‘m very happy to posess one of those gems...it‘s beautiful and smells good as well!

  • 5
    Amazing comb!

    Posted by TP on 16th Mar 2016

    It's my first tsuge wood comb. I was very sceptical about it and the price is pretty high. But after using it a week or so i noticed how wonderful straight and healthy my problematic hair is now!!! I am happy to have it now!! I have had earlier some wood combs, but no comparisson at all with this tsuge comb!! Thank YOU Wawaza!! You make us happy with your perfect professional competent and frieldy service!! And of course with your first-class products!

  • 5
    Amazing comb with fine craftmanship!

    Posted by Rebecca on 16th Sep 2015

    I ADORE Wawaza products--so much so that I think I practically ordered the whole store in the span of the first week I discovered the site (seriously). This Tsuge comb is one of the products I ordered, and it's amazing. I have extremely fine, straight hair that was suffering from high-volume hairloss due to a severe vitamin deficiency. Using this comb is the only way I can go more than a day between washes, and it's improved the condition of my hair. Between this comb, the Aya oil and the Funori powder, I am seeing a massive reduction in hairfall--which is a big deal for me, since I didn't have that much to lose in the first place. I cannot praise this company and their products enough--I shop online all the time for all sorts of things, and I have honestly never experienced as high a level of customer service and honesty about product performance as I have from Wawaza. Every product does exactly what they say it does, and when you factor in their careful packaging, reasonable prices, fast shipping and follow-through, you cannot go wrong! I'm so happy with my new traditional Japanese beauty regime and am seeing immediate results. Arigato, Wawaza staff--you have gained a lifetime customer!

  • 5
    Best Hair Comb Ever!

    Posted by b0hemian on 20th Apr 2015

    This is my first Tsuge comb. I discussed it with my mother before buying it and I’m glad that I did. I endure seborrheic dermatitis and am detoxing right now. There are times when my condition affects my scalp so much that it’s painful, but for the most part it is an annoying condition. I have used different hair tools to help remove the excess sebum and overproduction of skin flakes, but this cleansing comb, after its first use, is the only successful tool I’ve come across. The style of the comb is easy to hold and use with the handle; the teeth reach all the way to my scalp through my thick hair (Native American and Japanese hair) and literally remove all debris. My hair is very short (pixie length) and I didn’t realize how much oil and hair products (pre-blow dryer cream + dry shampoo for body + finishing hair spray) accumulated on my scalp and hair cuticle. (I purchased the seaweed cleanser/conditioner in hopes of removing the need for styling products.) The cleansing comb removed all the debris and evenly distributed my own hair oil so that I didn’t need to apply hair oil the next day. The maintenance is simple with the sample camellia oil and my own soft toothbrush. The comb case is a bonus and very beautiful. When my mother moved to the USA, she had to leave behind everything, including her beloved tsuge comb. Now that I’ve found this company, I’ll be buying the sakura combs (tokigushi and the tail comb) for her to use. I can see that my comb will outlast my life. I opted for express mail and WOW it arrived FAST to my door! There were no hidden damages from in-transit shipping and I was able to track my shipment from start to finish. Thank you for a wonderful product, you’ve gained another loyal customer!

  • 5
    even better than expected

    Posted by Kathrin on 13th Jan 2014

    My light brown hair is thigh-long and so I wondered if this special comb is the right choice. But I was just so curious about it after reading the description. Within about two weeks of use I can now say that I am totally happy with it. It really glides through my hair without snagging on it, I lose much less hair and the oil I'm using is evenly spread. Using this beautyful and perectly crafted comb leaves my hair shiny and free of dandruffs and dust. I even noticed that the overall texture of my hair improves. One of the best purchases I recently made!