Japanese Tsuge Wood Quick Detangler Brush

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Sleek and sophisticated detangler brush. Handcrafted from tsuge (boxwood).

Start from roots — or mid-length, unlike conventional brushes which you typically use starting from the ends.Ease tangles quickly with a few strokes. Tidy up after a session at the gym, before getting out of your car or walking into a meeting.

The smooth, gentle pins glide through hair. Untangles and volumizes even difficult to manage hair.

You can also use it for brushing permed hair. The super-wide spacing of the teeth will not fight your curls.

Start from roots — or mid-length, unlike conventional brushes which you typically use starting from the ends.

❤ Bring Out Hair's Natural Beauty

Tsuge (boxwood) is a super-dense, fine grain hard wood containing numerous microscopic "pores."

As you comb, these tiny pores pick up and re-distribute your hair's oils in super-thin, even layers, bringing out its natural gloss.

❤ Reduce Friz

In contrast to plastic brushes, tsuge does not generate static electricity. Works with your hair, rather than against it.

❤ Prevent Damage & Split Ends

Polished pins caress hair instead of fighting it. Pins are seamless and smooth compared to ones in common brushes which can snag and damage hair.

Pre-soaked with Camellia oil and ready to use.

Overall Length - 16.5 cm

Teeth - 9.4 mm pitch

Material - Aged Tsuge Boxwood

Handcrafted in Japan

Choosing the Right Brush for Your Hair

  • Hair Type: All Types
  • Best For: Quick detangling, post-gym, or pre-meeting touch-ups. Complement to a comb, enhances hair care routine.
  • Suitable for All Hair Lengths

About Tsuge

Tsuge, also known as boxwood, is a small tree which grows very slowly. It takes over thirty years to mature and produces a super-dense, hard wood which Japanese use for making combs and brushes with exceedingly high polish and finish.

To make a brush, wood is harvested from tsuge trees which are at least 35 years old. Cut pieces are cleaned and stored for drying in a dedicated warehouse for another ten years. After that, pieces with best wood grain are selected for handcrafting in multiple steps of rough-shaping, carving, polishing and soaking with Camellia oil.

How to Care for Your Brush

Tsuge combs and brushes render their best performance when occasionally cleaned with Camellia oil. They also get softer and more polished with time, and the wood becomes darker and richer in color.

  • Every comb comes with a 5 ml bottle of our wildcrafted Camellia oil.Use a soft toothbrush and a few drops of Camellia oil to clean your brush. Wipe with a soft cloth.
  • Keep your brush protected in your purse or your vanity drawer, as you would your high-quality accessories.

Every brush comes with a 5 ml bottle of our wildcrafted Camellia oil.

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  • 5
    This is a wonder...

    Posted by Sophia on 26th Jul 2019

    My first one-row brush. I was very curious and charmed by this little thing. I bought it on impulse, to be honest with a doubt that my dense hair would break it as with all my lastest brushes. That doubt is past history. I am in love with my new Tsuge Wood detangler. This is really an amazing tool, more than solid, easy to handle, the right size for my little hands, a delight to have in hand. It is improving my hair condition: more manageable, detangling with this brush is getting better and better. It slides through my hair like nothing else. After two weeks of use, it seems my hair strands are getting thicker and fuller. I use it with WAWAZA Aya oil and Funori cleanser. Perhaps the combined effect of all has to be taken into account. Of course, now I have my eyes on the Five Row Tsuge Wood Brush! please WAWAZA bring it back.

  • 5
    super super super CUTE

    Posted by Anonymous customer on 19th Jul 2017

    As well as for long hair, the shape of this detangler is also super handy for a quick styling of a short hair (it's also my case). Want to have a groomed look in few seconds without much work?? Here you have! And an excellent help to easily distribute the right amount of Camellia oil – few drops on the teeth and it slides through the hair like tiny wise fingers(which we don’t have on our hands, ha ha), but being so lightweight actually at a certain point you even forget to have “a tool”, it just feels like a part of the palm of the own hand. I am amazed of the effective design of this 1 row brush-comb. Such perfection can be rarely found!

  • 5
    First great detangler

    Posted by Mika on 5th Mar 2016

    This is my first detangler, so I cannot compare it to others, but I think it is really great for it's price. It's a beautifully crafted piece of wood and I find it very aesthetically pleasing to look at. It performs a very well. It detangles, and my hair stayed that way for ca. 2 whole days. It was wonderful to wake up with good hair for once. (I used the Funori shampoo too). Be careful that detangeling will still hurt though.

  • 5
    Tsuge Wood Quick Detangler Brush

    Posted by ocean007 on 11th Feb 2016

    I got this brush today, and I really LOVE this! It's so handsome. My hair has wavy hair so I am glad to get one.I would love to order five row tsuge wood brush soon.

  • 5
    Magic for hair

    Posted by DM on 3rd Aug 2014

    I'd highly recommend this to everyone.