Hoshigaki: Dried Winter Persimmons

Hoshigaki: Dried Winter Persimmons

Posted by Yuri Nonaka on 4th Dec 2013

Hoshigaki persimmon drying under sun in Miyazaki

There is a chill in the air. Winter will be here in Japan soon. Persimmons are in season; bright red, sweet, juicy and bursting with flavor.

Dried hoshigaki persommons

Our local farmers dry them to make a tasty treat called hoshigaki (dried persimmons).

First, they peel the persimmons, except for a small square at the bottom to stop the juices from dripping out. Then they hang the peeled persimmon evenly-spaced under the sun for several weeks, hand-massaging them in the process. In time, the sugars form a frost-like powdery dust.

I love them so!