Welcoming 2024 and a Humble Reflection

Welcoming 2024 and a Humble Reflection

Posted by Hanako Mori on 27th Dec 2023

Japanese New Year Decoration

As we bid farewell to 2023, we at WAWAZA sincerely reflect on a year filled with both trials and growth and look hopefully to 2024, filled with gratitude for our esteemed customers.

Turning the Page

The year 2023 was significant for us as we witnessed the long-awaited resumption of regular international postal services. Following the severe postal disruption posed by the COVID-19 global pandemic and then the Ukraine crisis, this development was a giant step forward in serving you, our valued customers, with cost-effective shipping worldwide.

We are deeply grateful for the kind patience and understanding you extended us during these difficult times.

New Offerings

honoring traditions: urushi lacquerware

With great respect for our heritage, we introduced an exquisite collection of  Ryukyu-style Urushi Lacquerware celebrating Japanese traditional craftsmanship's enduring beauty. 

Each piece, crafted with delicate care, represents the depth and beauty of functional traditional Japanese art.

A Token of our Gratitude

special offers

Our new ' Sales & Specials' section on the website is a modest offering of bulk discounts, exclusive bundles and sale items for you to shop smart, save, and enjoy the best of WAWAZA. It is our way of expressing thanks and making our products more available to you.

Gifts of Choice


The introduction of  E-gift certificates this year reflects our desire to make sharing joy and culture as seamless as possible. We hope these gifts of choice bring smiles and warmth to your loved ones.

Looking Forward with Hope

Sunrise behind a Torii gate at sea with

As the New Year dawns, we at WAWAZA invite you to embrace the rejuvenating spirit of renewal. Let's welcome 2024 with open hearts and a fresh perspective. 

This year, we're excited to continue our journey with you, offering all-natural, authentic products that nurture body and soul. Join us in celebrating the wisdom of generations past and the joy of natural beauty and wellness. 

May this New Year bring you peace, happiness, and wellness. Here's to a radiant, healthy, and prosperous 2024! 

With gratitude and best wishes, 

The WAWAZA Family