Japanese Five Row Tsuge Wood Brush

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Chic, lightweight, sturdy brush. Handcrafted from tsuge (boxwood).

The smooth, gentle pins glide through hair like little fingers promoting its natural beauty and shine, while untangling and volumizing even difficult to manage hair. 

❤ Bring Out Hair's Natural Beauty

Tsuge has microscopic pores which pick up and re-distribute your hair's sebum in thin, even layers, promoting natural gloss throughout.

❤ Reduce Friz

In contrast to plastic brushes, tsuge does not generate static electricity. Works with your hair, rather than against it.

❤ Prevent Damage & Split Ends

Polished pins caress hair instead of fighting it. Pins are seamless and smooth compared to ones in common brushes which can snag and damage hair.

❤ Stimulate Nerve Endings for Relaxation and Health

The soft, rounded pins stimulate nerve endings and pressure points (called Tsubo)You can also use this brush to massage the scalp and neckline as in Japanese Shiatsu acupressure massage. The soft, rounded pins stimulate nerve endings and pressure points (called Tsubo) for relaxation, revitalizing hair and reducing fatigue.

See below for more information.

Comes with handcrafted case. Patterns vary based on availability.

Pre-soaked with Camellia oil and ready to use. 

Overall Length — 15 cm

Material — Aged Tsuge Boxwood

Handcrafted in Japan

About Tsuge and Acupressure Head Massage

Tsuge, also known as boxwood, is a small tree which grows very slowly. It takes over thirty years to mature and produces a super-dense, hard wood which Japanese use for making combs and brushes with exceedingly high polish and finish.

To make a brush, wood is harvested from tsuge trees which are at least 35 years old. Cut pieces are cleaned and stored for drying in a dedicated warehouse for another ten years. After that, pieces with best wood grain are selected for handcrafting in multiple steps of rough-shaping, carving, polishing and soaking with Camellia oil.

How to Care for Your Brush

Tsuge combs and brushes render their best performance when occasionally cleaned with Camellia oil. They also get softer and more polished with time, and the wood becomes darker and richer in color.

  • Every comb comes with a 5 ml bottle of our wildcrafted Camellia oil.Use a soft toothbrush and a few drops of Camellia oil to clean your brush. Wipe with a soft cloth.
  • Keep your brush protected in your purse or your vanity drawer, as you would your high-quality accessories.

Every brush comes with a 5 ml bottle of our wildcrafted Camellia oil.

 Acupressure Head Massage

Japanese acupressure (shiatsu) is an ancient healing technique based on stimulating body's Ki (pronounced "kee") energy flow.

This stimulation is applied to strategic pressure points, called tsubo, on “meridian” energy pathways of the human body.

Stimulating tsubos listed below can induce general relaxation, revitalize hair and reduce fatigue. 

 11 Pressure Points on Head and Scalp 

(see photo gallery for meridians and points map)


  Revitalizing Hair  

  Reducing Fatigue  

  1. Shintei
  2. Kyokusa
  3. Kokusen
  1. Zenchou
  2. Gochou
  3. Aamon
  4. Hyaku-e
  1. Tsuten
  2. Tenchu
  3. Fuuchi
  4. Kankotsu

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  • 5
    Amazing Comb and brush

    Posted by Denise Dyson on 17th Oct 2021

    I love this comb and brush it has made my hair soft and bouncy I love buying my hair products from Wawaza. They are the best I recently bought my daughters their first wouldn't call and I hope they love the Combs like I do. My next comb is going to be the rat tail comb.

  • 5
    Absolutely ADORABLE........

    Posted by Sandra on 14th Apr 2017

    Every year I always make me a gift on my birthday, this year I bought this brush,… and I must say couldn’t make a better choice…! I have it only since few days, yet grooming the hair with this brush has already become ritual full of pleasure. The rows massage the scalp very efficiently, just in few moments without pushing hard they awaken the “roots” under the scalp. And the hair looks somehow more “alive”, more vivid. It is worked so skillfully, and the Tsuge wood itself feels absolutely unique in the hand, extremely smooth, definitely different from other types of woods. This is really one of those items who last a lifetime… I’m so so so happy to finally have it. Will be a huge blessing for my hair in years coming, I just feel it…

  • 4
    Solid brush, golden coloured brush, Excellent quality!

    Posted by Uzma on 25th Nov 2015

    I have a Mason Pearson Brush that destroys my hair and irritates a tender balding spot on my crown. The shipping was quick, got it only four days when I was expecting it 2 weeks later. Carefully and beautifully packaged. I used the brush once, it tamed my frizzy hair and soothed the tender spot on my head. I would recommend getting this brush if you're looking to make an investment. Easier to clean than my Mason Pearson brush. Very solid and light. They included a complimentary gift and which was great. I am officially converted to traditional Japanese natural hair products. Great service, please keep up the exceptional work!!

  • 5
    Top quality, love this!

    Posted by Liz on 12th Oct 2015

    I have been viewing this site for over 8 months, always intending to purchase products but never actually doing it for fear of being duped into the latest 'craze' and wasting my money. I finally succumbed and thought I would purchase this brush to begin with. I already own a traditional Japanese tsuge wood comb, but found that the ends of my hair where it's damaged can be a little hard to comb through as the teeth are so fine. I. So glad I got this brush! The quality of the craftsmanship of this brush is top notch, definitely worth every penny. It's sturdy, very gentle and gives a wonderful stimulating massage to my scalp. ALL of the brush is made from high quality boxwood, not just the teeth like I've seen some websites advertise. My hair has improved in these past couple of weeks of using this amazing brush, I'm that impressed I came back to order the camelia oil and seaweed hair cleanser. One very happy customer, thank you so much