Japanese Tsuge Wood Traditional Comb 98 mm

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Japanese traditional "Tokigushi" comb, handcrafted from tsuge (boxwood).

Ukiyoe by Torii of Japanese woman in kimono combing hairSmooth, seamless, anti-static teeth are generously-spaced to glide through your hair.

Versatile comb whether you have long, fine hair or a thick, curly mane. You can also use it for combing permed hair.

The grip is curved for a comfortable hold and balance at different angles as you comb, without having to bend or twist the wrist excessively.

If you use Camellia oil, this comb helps you get more even, better coverage by using less.

❤ Bring Out Hair's Natural Beauty
Tsuge has microscopic pores which pick up and re-distribute your hair's sebum in thin, even layers, promoting natural gloss throughout.

❤ Reduce Friz
Unlike plastic combs, tsuge does not generate static electricity when you comb. Works with your hair, rather than against it.

❤ Prevent Damage & Split Ends
Seamless, polished teeth caress hair instead of fighting it. There are no rough seam-lines like in molded combs which can snag causing breakage and split ends.

Comes with handcrafted case. Patterns vary based on availability.

Pre-soaked with Camellia oil and ready to use.

Length - 98 mm
Teeth - 3.5 mm pitch, 1.8 mm gap
Material -  Aged Tsuge Boxwood
Handcrafted in Japan

About Tsuge and Tokigushi Combs

Tsuge, also known as boxwood, is a small tree which grows very slowly. It takes over thirty years to mature and produces a super-dense, hard wood which Japanese use for making combs with exceedingly high polish and finish.

Tokigushi is the traditional Japanese comb for all-around, everyday use. This comb is a Tokigushi comb, carved in the classic Ara-ba (荒歯) style.

To make a comb, wood is harvested from tsuge trees which are at least 35 years old. Cut pieces are cleaned and stored for drying in a dedicated warehouse for another ten years. After that, pieces with best wood grain are selected for handcrafting in multiple steps of rough-shaping, carving, polishing and soaking with Camellia oil.

How to Care for Your Comb

Tsuge combs render their best performance when occasionally cleaned with Camellia oil. They also get softer and more polished with time, and the wood becomes darker and richer in color.

  • Every comb comes with a 5 ml bottle of our wildcrafted Camellia oil.Use a soft toothbrush and a few drops of Camellia oil to clean your comb. Wipe with a soft cloth.
  • Keep your comb protected in your purse or your vanity drawer, as you would your high-quality accessories.

Every comb comes with a 5 ml bottle of our wildcrafted Camellia oil.

3 Reviews

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    Happiness In A Comb!

    Posted by Sabrina McHarg on 14th Mar 2020

    So, if you have found yourself on the Wawaza website, you intuitively know you have arrived at a special place. Of course this lovely comb is functional, of high quality and would work for a variety of hair textures. However, if you spend any time here, you understand that it is more about the EXPERIENCE behind using a handcrafted product from Wawaza and adding it to your daily ritual. Take your time with your hair. Can a comb like this bring a smile? You bet!

  • 5
    wonderful Tsuge, never without anymore

    Posted by nicole on 19th Jul 2017

    beautiful, beautiful comb... from the gorgeous smooth Tsuge, incredibly even, so pleasant, my hair just loves every touch of it.
    absolutely does not rip out a hair, on this aspect I have noticed a universe of difference between Tsuge products and the normal plastic combs, who be it more or less but somehow always end up full of killed hair.
    perfectly sized for the hand, it feels very comfortable because the higher part grows gradually thicker than the tips of the teeth.
    comes with the 5ml Camellia oil and a very fine silk storage pocket, where is well protected also for transport.

  • 5
    Lovely and good for hair

    Posted by Laurel on 6th Feb 2017

    Love this comb. I have very thick, wavy hair and this size comb works great. I took a break from my normal styling products to try using just this comb plus camellia oil, and my usually dry/frizzy hair is looking the shiniest and healthiest it has ever been. I also notice that way less hair falls out when I use this comb as opposed to a plastic one. Plus, it feels great on my scalp.