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Lift & Hydrate Facial Mask with Volcanic Ash

fresh from our staff

From our staff

May 23, 2015 JST - Japanese diet includes large amounts of rice, cooked and eaten with no butter or oil. A low-fat, complex carbohydrate, rice is a filling dish, which leaves less room for cravings — so, you eat less other things. Rice provides the body with a quick boost of energy. Its benefits include stabilizing blood sugar levels and improved bowel movement. Read more here.

Pure Japanese Camellia Oil

Pure Japanese Camellia Oil. Cold-pressed. Unrefined. Wild harvest.

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Cleansing is Where Skincare Begins

Additive-free Japanese Soaps

For Your Skin's Health and Beauty

Japanese Burdock Root Tea (Gobocha) for your wellness and beauty. Depurative. No Caffeine.

Unrefined Rice Bran Moisturizer

Japanese rice bran cold-pressed, unrefined facial and skin moisturizer. Packed with anti-aging Gamma Oryzanol antioxidants and Tocotrienol, the "Super Vitamin E."

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