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Japanese Beauty & Wellness Products

All-Natural • Virtually Unchanged for Centuries

Discover the true Japanese health and beauty regimens. The real soul of Japan lies within its ordinary life, not in commercialized clichés of geishas. Browse our informative products pages, how-to guides as well as unique blogs.

Natural Skin and Hair Care

Cold-pressed, unrefined wild Japanese Camellia oil for hair, body and skincare

Kudzu: Healthy Alternative to Starch & Flour

Gluten-free, healthy alternative to starch, flour and cornmeal.

Tip-to-Toe Japanese Traditional Beauty Kit

All you need for body, face, hair and nail care, the time-tested Japanese way.

Skincare: Akoya Pearl Powder

For beautifying, lightening and rejuvenating skin the natural way.

BLOGS: Beauty, Recipes, Lifestyle

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How to Use Japanese Camellia Oil

Camellia japonica oil from wild seeds of Yabu-tsubakiWith its golden color and creamy texture, Japanese Camellia oil has been responsible for the classic, legendary beauty of Japanese hair for centuries. It is also a non-comedogenic skin moisturizer which can repair damage caused by dryness, sun exposure and aging. Learn how to use for hair, body and skin care, its benefits and how it’s made.

How to Choose and Brew Japanese Green Teas

Japanese green tea varietiesNot all green teas have a green color, though most do. The name “green tea” refers to teas which are produced without fermentation. Want to know more about different green teas? This is a comprehensive post on flavor, aroma, caffeine content and how-to-brew tips for popular Japanese teas such as Sencha, Hojicha, Bancha, Genmaicha and more.

When Less is More: Concept of Japanese "MA"

Japanese kanji character for MAThe essence of Japanese aesthetic is a concept called 'MA' (pronounced "maah") — the pure, and indeed essential, void between all "things." A total lack of clutter, MA is like a holder within which things can exist, stand out and have meaning. It is the emptiness full of possibilities, like a promise yet to be fulfilled.

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