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Seaweed Hair Cleanser, Camellia Japonica oil and Tsuge Comb

Japanese traditionbal hair care with seaweed and Camellia oil and tsuge comb

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Thursday, September 18, 2014 JST -  Going shampoo-free has many benefits. Among them are healthier look and feel, and not having to use and spend money on chemical products. If you have been using shampoos and conditioners for years, there can be an adjustment period of 2-3 weeks during which time scalp can over or under-produce sebum, and make hair feel too dry or too oily. After the adjustment period, sebum levels tend to stabilize to their natural rate. .  Read more...

Unrefined Rice Bran Moisturizer

Japanese rice bran cold-pressed, unrefined facial and skin moisturizer. Packed with anti-aging Gamma Oryzanol antioxidants and Tocotrienol, the "Super Vitamin E."

Packed with γ-Oryzanol and vitamin E

Herbal Health

Beauty is more than skin deep

Wild-harvested Herbal Teas


Japanese nightingale droppings (uguisu no fun) myths and facts

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Mulberry Leaves Tea for Weight Loss

Japanese Mulberry leaves tea (Kuwanoha Cha) for weight loss

Non-static, Seamless Combs & Brushes

Tsuge (Boxwood) Japanese combs and brushes. You will never want to use synthetic combs again.

Japanese Beauty, Health & Lifestyle

Japanese Beauty, Health, Lifestyle

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