About Us

collage of taditional Jjapanese women

We come to you from Miyazaki, a green patch of earth in south Kyushu island. Life is simple here, people are kind, and Japanese traditions weave the tapestry of daily life.

In 2010, we created WAWAZA to offer authentic Japanese traditional products alongside tips, blogs, and cultural context so you can adapt the know-how to your lifestyle. Our passion is to continue learning the old wisdom, applying it to modern living, and sharing it with the world.

Our name, WAWAZA, stands for "Japanese know-how." It is comprised of two Japanese words: WA (和, harmony, peace, also another name for Japan) and WAZA (技, know-how).

Our Mission

♥ Provide authentic Japanese know-how and natural, cruelty-free products,

♥ Support traditional craft makers as viable alternatives to mass producers,

♥ Treat our customers, suppliers, and employees with care and with respect, and

♥ Strive to minimize our carbon footprint in every aspect of our business.