How to Brew a Perfect Cup of Japanese Sencha Green Tea

Sencha is among the most aromatic and delicious of all green teas

Brewing a cup of Sencha, a highly aromatic and delightful Japanese green tea, is easy and quick.

In just about two minutes, following four simple steps, you can relish the fresh vegetal, mildly sweet flavors and the refreshing aroma of Sencha.

This uncomplicated brewing process makes Sencha perfect for those seeking a quick yet exceptionally flavorful and aromatic tea experience.

About Sencha

Sencha is considered to be one of the most aromatic and delightful among all green teas. Originating from Japan, it holds a significant place in Japanese tea culture and is the most popular tea, making up nearly 80% of the country's tea production.

Sencha is known for its balance of the four fundamental taste elements: sweetness, bitterness, astringency, and umami, which make it a preferred choice for many tea enthusiasts.

The beauty of Sencha not only lies in its taste but also in its simplicity in brewing, making it easily accessible for anyone to enjoy. Unlike other green teas, Sencha yields its best flavor when brewed with simmering water and for less time, typically between 1-2 minutes. It's crucial not to brew Sencha with boiling water or for too long, as it can lead to a bitter taste.

Color: Light yellowish green
Flavor: Fresh vegetal, mildly sweet and aromatic
Brew time: 1-2 minutes
Brew Temp: Simmering water. 70-77 °C (160-170 °F)
How Much Tea: 1 teaspoon per cup

Health Benefits

Sencha is a delight for the palate and carries numerous health benefits. Being rich in antioxidants, notably catechins, helps fight free radicals in the body, reducing the risk of chronic diseases. The presence of Vitamin C and E further enhances its antioxidant properties. Thanks to its caffeine content and L-theanine, Sencha is also known to improve cardiovascular health, aid in weight management, and boost mental clarity and focus.

Additionally, the moderate level of caffeine in Sencha provides a gentle energy boost without the jittery feeling associated with coffee.

Relishing a cup of Sencha is more than just a tea break; it's an easy and quick way to incorporate a healthy and flavorful beverage into your daily routine.

How to Brew Sencha

Add leaves to teapot, add near-boiling and brew for 1-2 min.

  1. Measure the Leaves: Place one teaspoon of Sencha leaves into a teapot for each cup you plan to brew.
  2. Prepare the Water: Pour near-boiling water into each cup and let it cool down for about 2 minutes. This step allows the water to reach the desired temperature of 70-77°C (160-170°F).
  3. Begin Brewing: Transfer the water from the cups into the teapot containing the Sencha leaves.
  4. Brew and Serve: Allow the tea to brew for 1-2 minutes, then serve and enjoy Sencha's refreshing aroma and flavor.

Feel free to add hot water to the teapot for a second or even a third brew, extracting every essence of the Sencha leaves.

Serve Like a Pro
In Japanese tradition, filling one cup at a time to the brim is not customary before moving on to the next.

Instead, start by pouring a small amount of tea into each cup, then continue rotating from one cup to the next, topping them up gradually until the last drop is served. This method ensures an even distribution of flavor and warmth across all cups.

The Japanese firmly believe that the last drop of tea tastes the best, so make sure every drop is shared!

Tips for Brewing a Better Sencha

  • Avoid Overheating or Over-brewing: To prevent a bitter taste, refrain from using overly hot water or brewing for an extended period.
  • Keep It Steady: Ensure a smooth brew by avoiding stirring, shaking, or mixing.
  • Opt for Loose Leaves: Forgo an infuser to allow the sencha leaves to interact freely with water, enriching the infusion.
  • Choose Quality Water: Utilize fresh, minimally mineralized water to highlight the tea's flavors. If using tap water, allow it to run cold for 10 seconds before use
Sencha Green Tea