Funori Japanese Seaweed Hair Cleanser and Conditioner

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Funori, a triple-seaweed Japanese traditional formulation, is an all-natural alternative to chemical-based hair care products. It cleanses and conditions your hair, leaving it smoother, more manageable and healthier. You will see the difference after just one use.

If you enjoy lathering when you wash your hair, you can also mix Funori with your favorite shampoo for a luxurious cleansing experience.

❤ Restore hair’s natural sheen
❤ Relieve itchy, dry scalp
❤ Volume up thin hair
❤ Make coarse hair more manageable
❤ Repair damage from coloring or perms
❤ Promote health and reduce hair loss

Safe for all hair types and does not affect hair color, including color-treated hair.

One pack is enough for 30 applications for typical shoulder-length hair. You can also apply Funori as a deep treatment, providing about 12 applications per pack.

See below for how-to-use directions.

Pure • Natural • Cruelty-free

No additives, preservatives, colorings or fragrances. Not tested on animals.

Ingredients: Powdered Fukuro-Funori, Ma-Kombu, Mekabu (Wakame roots)
Net Weight: 30 grams (Three sealed 10-gram packs)
Product of Japan

About Funori

Seaweed is the general term for many species of marine algae. We make our Funori from three important Japanese seaweeds, and nothing else:

  • Fukuro-Funori, also known as jelly moss (Gloiopeltis furcata)
  • Ma-Kombu, the edible kombu (Saccharina japonica)
  • Mekabu, the nutrient-rich roots of Wakame seaweed (Undaria pinnatifida)

The above are notable for their content of calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin K — and importantly iodine and Fucoidan.

Funori is an abundant source of iodine, the deficiency of which plays a significant role in thyroid gland irregularities, resulting in dry hair, thinness, poor hair growth, and hair loss.

Funori is also known to reduce hair loss and promote new growth in some individuals. The Fucoidan polysaccharide in Funori has demonstrated ability to alleviate dryness and promote healthy hair growth cycle.

See photo gallery for actual pictures.

How to Use

 Cleanse and Conditioner the Japanese Traditional Way

Add 1 teaspoon of Funori to 1 cup of hot water in a small container and mix well. A squeeze bottle will work great. Use your own or buy one here.

  1. Rinse hair with lukewarm water.
  2. Apply Funori. Massage gently onto scalp with fingertips.
  3. Cleanse hair with straight strokes. Don’t use circular motions which can tangle your hair.
  4. Rinse well.

See picture gallery for the above.

❤ Deep Treatment

Prepare mixture as in above, using a little less than half as much water. This will make the mixture a little more gel-like, so that it will not drip down your neckline.

  1. Wash hair as normal (without using the mixture).
  2. Towel dry.
  3. Apply mixture.
  4. Cover hair with cap for 15-20 minutes.
  5. Rinse well.

❤ Mix with Your Favorite Shampoo

If you like foam and lather, or if you have a favorite shampoo you like to use, you can add the benefits of Funori to your shampoo:

  1. Prepare mixture as in above.
  2. Add 2 to 3 teaspoon of shampoo and mix well.
  3. Wash and rinse hair as usual.

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  • 5
    Great Hair Cleanser!

    Posted by I Collins on 23rd Mar 2023

    I love the way this hair cleanser/conditioner makes my hair feel. It's silky-smooth and has a natural gleam I remember when I was young and thought I'd never see it again. It's easy to use, convenient and effective. I'm not losing hair as much as I used to, and I can't stop marveling at the brand-new texture. I have a slightly straight/somewhat kinky/curly African-American hair type, and I don't ever see myself needing a relaxer again because this product does such a wonderful job of softening hair from roots to ends, plus it adds so much moisture! What impressed me, too, was how quickly I got my shipment from Japan ... with a couple of very nice sample products. I will definitely be ordering again, and I encourage anyone --- with any hair type --- to buy this (you won't regret it). You'll look forward to doing your hair and won't spend half the time trying to make it look healthy because Funori does that for you!

  • 5
    the only product I use

    Posted by Signe on 16th Mar 2023

    I only use Funori when I clean my hair - in fact it is the only product I use at all. I use cool (rain) water. And I am very satisfied with the nice clean scalp and hair.

  • 5

    Posted by Emmanuelle T. on 7th Jan 2023

    Leaves hair very healthy if you do not specifically mind seaweed smell. I have very thin hair and a few uses made them way shinier and healthier. recommend as a treatment.

  • 5
    i love it!

    Posted by laura on 6th Dec 2022

    This product is a revelation! I'm always looking for the simplest, cleanest, and most beautiful solutions to hair and body care, and this hair cleanser rings all the bells. I'm amazed at how it so easily beats all the perfumy, blingy, expensive shampoos and conditioners I've tried in my search for a clean, fragrance-free product. My hair is more elastic and has had a great texture since its first use. I am hoping that it will also help restore my hair, as it did for the person in the photo. You don't need to use much at all, so mix only what you need for a couple of washings. I like that there is no lather. It's like bathing in a stream or the rain. Also, I ordered two brushes, and the package I received was so beautifully arranged and packed and included many lovely samples. Service was very swift, and the package arrived within two weeks of ordering. I feel altogether wonderful about all the things I ordered, and I will be returning to buy more goodies from wawaza!

  • 5
    seaweed hair

    Posted by Rita Arntzen on 27th Sep 2022

    As promised, noticable difference after one wash. Hair keeps clean longer!

  • 5

    Posted by Erika on 26th Mar 2022

    I have always had problems with split ends. Now I get a trim every 4 weeks to keep them under control. I use funori as a 10 minute pack twice a week for the past month or so and when I went to see my hairdresser yesterday, she said I didn’t have any split ends to trim! My hair feels better and has more volume. I use shampoo first to remove styling product. This stuff is amazing!

  • 5

    Posted by Lea Grbec on 4th Mar 2022

    My hair adores it. I blended Funori into my shampoo and now is much better and the texture is much easier to apply. I tried also other products the quality is more than expected and the service amazing. Thank you.

  • 5
    A natural product that works if you commit

    Posted by Xin Yi on 19th Feb 2022

    When I first started using this product, I was not sold as it left my hair feeling quite sticky and oily. There was no shine and my scalp felt itchy quite often. I was wondering whether to stop using it... I did hear about the adjustment period that my hair would need to adjust to the product, which supposedly ranged from a week to a month. In all honesty, it took my hair about 3 months to adjust, and one day, all of the above problems disappeared. Just looked in the mirror and my hair was soft, clean, and looked quite healthy! So in a nutshell, this product does wonders and it DOES work. The catch would be to STAY committed to it no matter how long it takes!! Would I recommend it? 110%! Thank you WAWAZA :)

  • 4
    Seaweed hair cleanser and conditioner

    Posted by Caroline on 16th Jan 2022

    Good quality product. Have just started using and yet to see any great results but will purchase again.

  • 5
    Noticed a difference after one use

    Posted by Tami on 15th Oct 2021

    My hair looks healthier. The frizz I usually have if I don’t blow dry and curl is gone.

  • 5
    My second order

    Posted by Simone on 3rd Jul 2021

    Love their products. Came with lovely samples.

  • 5
    Just wow!

    Posted by Melissa Ednie, Kent. UK on 29th Jun 2021

    Thank you so much guys for your fabulous service and for this gem! My scalp and hair feel amazing. Best they have felt in a very long time. If you're pondering over buying this, 100% give it a go, my halo of grey stragglers which were previously keen on sticking up like antennae have behaved with just one use of this! Amazing.