Japanese Contour and Blend Lip Brush

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Go beyond just coloring your lips: From understated to a classic or even a bold look, create the lips you have always desired.

japanese-benifude-lip-brush-270.jpgControl the amount of color and the width of the lines — by using either the body or the tip of the bristles. Apply less on lip corners and blend with more in the center for sculpting a 3D look.

❤ Plump body for broad coverage and blending
❤ Precision tip for detailing and contouring
❤ Tapered end for accurate clean-up

Traditional benifude style lip brush, used by geishas, maikos and kabuki stage performers since the 17th century Edo period to this day.

Come with a protective cover.

Use with any lipstick or color you have.

Available in two sizes (Choose size option above):

  • Shōtan: Convenient size for carrying around in your purse.
  • Shōnaga: For extra-precise balance and control.

Bristle: Horsetail
Handle: Bamboo with distinctive black and red lacquer
Size: 11 cm (Shōtan) or 17 cm (Shōnaga)
Product of Japan