Japanese Contour and Blend Lip Brush

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Go beyond just coloring your lips. Create the understated, or classic, or even the bold look you have always desired.

❤ Plump body for broad coverage and blending

❤ Precision tip for detailing and contouring

❤ Tapered end for accurate clean-up

Use with any lipstick or color you have.


Traditional benifude style lip brush, used by geishas, maikos and kabuki stage performers since the 17th century Edo period to this day.

Available in two sizes (Choose size option above):

  • Shōtan (11 cm): Convenient size for carrying around in your purse.
  • Shōnaga (17 cm): For extra balance and control.

Come with a protective cover.

Bristle: Horsetail

Handle: Bamboo with distinctive black and red lacquer

Size: 11 cm (Shōtan) or 17 cm (Shōnaga)

Product of Japan