Yoshiwara Japanese Contour and Highlight Brush

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Traditional brush for quick application of powder, color, highlighting and blending with ease and precision.

The soft, plump body helps apply blush quickly and define cheekbones. Oval-shaped tapered dome gives you extra control to contour at different angles.

Same design as Japanese geishas, maikos and kabuki performers have used for over 400 years.

Hair Material: Japanese white goat
Handle Material: Synthetic
Size: Length: 150mm, Dome: 28 x 19 x 40mm
Product of Japan

How to Care for Your Brush

Tap off excess powder after each use, followed by gently sweeping the brush on a cloth or soft tissue.

To wash your brush

  • Mix water with a tiny amount of mild shampoo (such as baby shampoo) in a small dish.
  • Dip brush (tip only) in the water. Rub the hairs lightly. Wash thoroughly but gently. Do not soak the whole brush.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Pat-dry with a clean cloth or soft towel. Gently reshape to original form. Fluff just a little.
  • Air dry. Brush should be laid flat or hanged (tip down).
  • Use a comb to reshape the brush. Comb lightly in sections: Tip first, then middle and finally the bottom. Always comb in an upward direction (towards the tip).
  • Store in a dry, protected place such as a vanity drawer or makeup bag.

1 Review

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    Posted by Anonymous customer on 28th Sep 2017

    I use this brush to spread a little pearl powder which I sometimes apply to the entire face. Must say it is the best brush ever. It evens the powder so perfectly, spreading a minimal amount with no waste, feeling its extremely gentle and pleasant touch while applying. I do not use a lot of other makeups but seeing how well it works, I am sure it will do teh same with other powders. All hand made, every millimeter is made with care, it is such a precious item, worth every cent its price if not more. Thanks Wawaza!!