Japanese Hinoki Cypress Soap Dish

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The soft feel and elegant aroma of natural, untreated hinoki cypress will add an authentic touch of Japan to your bathroom.

The elevated base and slatted inside tray provide ample ventilation and drainage for your soaps to air-dry and last longer. The inside tray is removable for ease of cleaning.

Hinoki's calming aroma contains natural anti-microbial compounds, also used in aromatherapy, and for improving mood.

Japanese tsugite wood joinery technique dating back to the 7th centuryHandcrafted by interlocking the hinoki pieces in traditional Japanese style without using fasteners. The technique, called tsugite (継手, joinery) dates back to the seventh century and is used for making crafts as well as large wood structures such as bathhouses, homes, and shrines.

Material: Hinoki cypress wood
Size: 12.7 x 8.4 x 3.8 cm
Product of Japan