Traditional Japanese Hand Size Washcloth

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Use this skin-soothing washcloth to cleanse and exfoliate without over-scrubbing. The 32 x 35 cm size is perfect for facial cleansing.

❤ Cleans gently and thoroughly with less soap
❤ Invigorates by softly massaging the skin
❤ Stimulates skin's nerve endings

Cleanse and exfoliate without over-scrubbing

The traditional uneven weave (called gara-boseki in Japanese) engages closely with skin's tiny folds and creases — resulting in exceptional cleaning power.

Same design since 1875. Pioneered in the Nagano region during the reign of Emperor Meiji. Used extensively in Japan and supported by environmental groups advocating non-use of chemical soaps and detergents.

Easy to dry. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Material: 100% unbleached and undyed cotton
Dimensions: 32 x 35 cm (13 x 14 in)
Product of Japan

3 Reviews

  • 5
    Perfect for daily use for face...

    Posted by Sophia on 26th Jul 2019

    Very well designed. I use it daily, morning and night, and it cleanses my face gently yet efficiently. I used to have whiteheads on my face. This has been solved since I wash with this piece of goodness. Moreover, it makes the soap lather well and more creamy, so I use less soap.

    As always with WAWAZA, the craftsmanship is perfect and the fabric is the highest quality. Perfect packaging, quick shipment, quick delivery. My parcel arrived in less than one week when I had expected to wait for two weeks.

  • 5
    Washing with a piece of nature ^^!!

    Posted by Amira on 19th Apr 2017

    Beautiful feeling, this cloth is so soft(absolutely perfect also for face, not only body), it indeed seem to wash yourself with a cotton puff just picked from the grass! But at the same time it cleanses deeply and thoroughly - where I learn there’s absolutely no need to rub and scrub the skin mechanically in order to cleanse it… rather it is all about the right balance concerning functionality and quality of the tools (and of course also soaps)

  • 5
    Great for daily exfoliation!

    Posted by Sarah Cabrera on 21st May 2015

    i was unhappy with my current facial scrub, so i found this and decided to give it a try. WOW. it is amazing. all you have to do is wet it a little, then scrub your face and it is so soft and glowy afterwards. i regret not using this sooner. i strongly recommend DO NOT OVERSCRUB. a little scrubbing goes a long way. all i use is this and facial soap and my skin has never been better. it is all natural and it will save you so much money on skincare. i love this!