Yuzu Citron Japanese Traditional Bath Kit

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If you want to expand your experience of smell and feel, give yuzu a try. You will not be disappointed!

❤ Wash and cleanse with additive-free yuzu soap

❤ Soak in your yuzu bath, breathe in its exotic aroma and unwind

Kit contains:

① Yuzu Citron Soap

Additive-free, handmade yuzu soap. Crafted with luscious essential oils of fresh yuzu and skin-softening natural glycerin from yuzu peels.

No preservatives, colorings or artificial fragrances.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of rice bran, yuzu peel, olive, and soybean. Yuzu peel extract.

Aged: 90 Days

Net Weight: 90 grams

② Yuzu Citron Herbal Bath Packs

Made purely from powdered zest of yuzu citrons, known for their aromatic essential oils, high content of vitamin C, and anti-aging antioxidants.

No additives, preservatives, colorings or fragrances.

Ingredients: Powdered yuzu zest (Citrus junos)

Contents: 4 packs

Product of Japan