Beauty Tips

Japanese woman looking into a handheld mirror

Beauty Tips of Japanese Women


Japanese women take care of their skin and hair, regularly and meticulously. They eat right, don't overdo makeup, and like to be appreciated more than being noticed. These are learnable skills which will make any woman look more attractive — at any age... read more

How to Use Japanese Camellia (Tsubaki) Oil for Skin & Hair


Japanese Camellia oil is an excellent all-around moisturizer for the skin as well as for hair, and a rich source of essential fatty acids and numerous anti-aging antioxidants. It is cold-pressed from seeds of yabu-tsubaki, the wild variety of Camellia japonica flower (yabu means wild, tsubaki means camellia)... read more

Japanese Pearl Powder: Benefits for Skin & How to Use


Japanese pearl powder promotes bouncier skin, reduces pore size, lightens tone, and improves texture. It comes from Akoya saltwater oysters by fine-powdering the hand-polished its pearl nacre layer, without hydrolyzing, nano-sizing or any chemical processing... read more

How to Use Japanese Seaweed to Cleanse, Condition & Care for Hair


Japanese seaweed hair cleanser and conditioner is a nutrient-rich alternative to chemical-based hair care products. It is made from fukuro-funori (also known as jelly moss), ma-kombu (edible kombu), mekabu (roots of wakame seaweed) and nothing else... read more

How to Use Japanese Rice Bran Powder for Skincare (Shiro Nuka)


Shiro Nuka is powdered germ plus the inner bran layer (called aleurone) of the Japanese rice, which women in Japan have used for centuries to beautify and maintain their much-admired complexion. It hydrates the skin, evens tone and helps diminish wrinkles and fine lines... read more

How to Take a Japanese Style Bath at Home


The traditional Japanese bathing is a tranquil ritual perfected through centuries to soothe body and soul, typically taken in the evening. You can make its essentials a part of your daily routine, even if you do not have a Japanese style bath at home... read more