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For Your Skin's Needs in Fall

All natural, hanmade soap, formulated with tannin-rich extract of chestnut's inner skin (shibu-kawa)

Chestnuts and Almonds Japanese Autumn Soap

Formulated with tannin-rich inner skin of chestnuts, and melanin-toning hatomugi (Pearl Barley). Beautifully fragranced with the sweet, floral aroma of rose geranium.

Additive-Free. Seasonal product. Limited quantities. 

Herbal Autumn Boost for Skin

Roasted Whole Grain Pearl Barley (Hatomugi Cha)Whole-Grain Pearl Barley Tea (Hatomugi Cha)

Help your skin recover from exposure to summer's harsh sun.

High in vitamins B1, B2 and B3. Contains an array of anti-oxidants to diminish blemishes and spots by slowing-down skin's melanin production level.

Whole-roasted. Easy to prepare.