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Soothing, Refreshing and Extra-cleansing

handmade soap, specially formulated for your skin's summer needs

Okinawan Summer Soap

Formulated with evening primrose oil and extract of pink porcelain lily leaves, commonly called Okinawan elixir of longevity.

No preservatives, colorings or artificial fragrances.


For a Glowing, Soft and Healthy Complexion


Japanese Skincare Essentials Kit

❤ Exfoliate
❤ Cleanse & hydrate
❤ Diminish wrinkles
❤ Control shine

Wellness Boost with Japanese Traditional Herbs


Ganoderma Mushroom Tea

• Antiviral
• Antibacterial
• Antitumor
• Immunity


Loquat Leaves Tea

• Immunity
• Respiratory Ailments
• Inflammation
• Cholesterol & Sugar Level


Heartleaf Detox Tea

• Detox
• Infections
• Stamina
• Cognitive Health