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Yomogi and Iris Potpourri Bath Pack

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Sold out for 2017
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Seasonal product we offer in May

Traditional Japanese herbal bath pack for the month of May. Soothing and aromatherapeutic. 1,400-year-old herbal bath recipe.

Bath pack contains wild-harvested leaves of yomogi (also used as herbal tea, ingredient in soap, and facial masks) and leaves and fragrant roots of Japanese iris (shōbu).

Generous-size drawstring bag. Handmade in traditional kusudama-Yu (medicine-ball bath) style.

Packaged in stylish washi bag. Makes a very nice gift too.

One pack. Can be used two times. See below for how to use.

Pure, Natural, Cruelty-free

No additives, preservatives, colorings or fragrances. Not tested on animals and cruelty-free.

Ingredients: Dried yomogi (Artemisia princeps) leaves. Roots and leaves of shōbu iris (sweet flag)
Net Weight: 20 grams
Product of Japan

An Old May Love Affair

The love affair with irises and yomogi runs deep in Japan’s national psyche.

In 612 AD, empress Suiko, the first female monarch of Japan, decreed the 5th day of the 5th month of every year to be the public day for collecting wild irises and yomogi leaves.

The tradition is called kusuri-gari (medicine hunt) and observed to this day. Also in May Japanese prepare a bath with shōbu iris leaves to promote good health and to ward-off evil.

May 5th was celebrated at the imperial court as the iris festival. The day has become an important date for festivals and celebrations, also known as Tango no sekku (Double Fifth), Kodomo no hi (Children's Day), and Ayame no hi (Day of Irises).

How to Use

  • Make an infusion: In small bowl, pour 4 cups (about 1000 ml) of hot water over the pack. Wait for 10 minutes.
  • While waiting, fill your bath with comfortably hot clear water.
  • Add the infusion to your bath.
  • Take the pack with you inside your bath. Immerse yourself, relax and breathe in the exotic sweet and spicy herbal aromas.

You do not need to take a long bath. 10-20 minutes is adequate for most. After bathing, rinse your body and drink a cup of water to replenish yourself.

Take out the pack, hang and let it air dry. Rinse the tub. Take a nice, long rest!

You can use the same pack for a second bath. The infusion will be lighter in color (you can increase the infusion time to 15 minutes).

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