Gourmet Pan-Roasted Kamairi Green Tea

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If you are looking to intrigue your palate, give this subtle and sophisticated tea a try.

Winner of UK's "Great Taste" tea competition. Also, an excellent choice for serving on special occasions. 

To make Kamairi green tea, fresh leaves are dried after harvesting at 300 °C

Kamairi in Japanese means roasting in a pan. Fresh tea leaves are dried in heated iron pans immediately after harvest with repeated agitation for about 10 minutes. 

The tea maker keeps turning the leaves manually, observing the color and texture. Next, the leaves are rolled and dried in a four-step process. The process is called iriha-ki.

This time-tested Japanese technique enhances tea's savory (umami) content, yielding a complex flavor and rich taste.

JAS certified organic

JAS Certified Organic

Grown, harvested and processed by traditional farmers in lush-green highlands of Kyushu island, southern Japan.

Net Weight: 100 grams
Type: Organic loose-leaf green tea 
Variety: Pan-roasted kamairi
Region: Hinokage, Kyushu island, Japan
Color: Yellow/green
Flavor: Medium light, moderately sharp and distinct, slight roasty

How to Brew

1. Add Tea to Teapot

Add tea leaves to the empty teapot (one teaspoon per cup.)

2. Add Near-Boiling Water to Cups

Pour hot water from the kettle into each cup. Let the water cool down for 2 minutes.

3. Pour Water from Cups into Teapot

Close the lid of the teapot. Let the tea brew for 2 minutes. DO NOT stir, shake or mix the tea while brewing.

4. Serve and Enjoy!

Pour small amounts of tea into each cup at a time, and go around until the very last drop is poured. You can add hot water again to the teapot for a second, or even a third brewing.

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  • 5
    Beautiful & Delicious Tea

    Posted by Emma on 12th Sep 2021

    I had this tea sent to me in Australia. It has a lovely flavour and is delicious. It makes me feel happy drinking something that has been lovingly created from natural, organic plants. Thank you WAWAZA :)

  • 5

    Posted by Mikaela J on 6th Mar 2021

    This is a delightful tea. Full flavor and rich taste. I thoroughly enjoyed this tea. Thank you so much for offering this rare variety!