Japanese Artemisia Princeps Beautifying Yomogi Soap

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Mild, all-around Japanese traditional soap for brightening and revitalizing skin from the inside out.

Conditions skins and alleviates dryness and itchy skin. Helps clear blemishes, darkened pores, and age spots. 

Rich, creamy lather. Refreshing natural essential oil (cineole) gives off a fresh, spring-like fragrance.

Aged for 90 days. Made with wild-harvested yomogi leaves.

Additive-Free • All-Natural

No preservatives, colorings or artificial fragrances.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of soybean, nano-hana (rappi flower), and rice bran. Powdered yomogi (Artemisia princeps) leaves.
Net Weight: 100 grams
Product of Japan

About Yomogi

Yomogi, also known as Japanese mugwort, grows in the wild almost everywhere in Japan. It is a member of the aster family of plants which also include chrysanthemum, daisy, and sunflower.

Benefits and Uses

Japanese use the yomogi leaves for making tea (yomogi-cha) and sweet mochi rice cakes (yomogi-mochi).

Herbal tea (yomogi-cha), rice cakes (yomogi-mochi), yomogi soap, yomogi bath (yomogi-yu), and ladies' steam sauna (yomogi-mushi)

Yomogi leaves are also in soaps, skin-beautifying baths (yomogi-yu), and steam sauna for ladies (yomogi-mushi.)

Yomogi leaves contain numerous beneficial compounds with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. Cosmetic manufacturers use its extract as an ingredient in skin care formulations.

Other benefits include relieving cramps and irregular periods, increasing reproductive health, and breast and cervical cancer prevention.


Japanese have appreciated the benefits of yomogi for a very long time, and consider it a "wonder plant." 

The tradition, known as Medicine Hunt (kusuri-gari) is observed on May 5th to this day

The 7th century Empress Suiko, Japan's first female monarch who had a passion for herbal cures, decreed the 5th day of the 5th month of every year to be the day for collecting irises and yomogi leaves.

The tradition is known as Medicine Hunt (kusuri-gari) and observed every year on May 5th to this day.

16 Reviews

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    Multi talented natural soap!

    Posted by Lisa on 11th Apr 2014

    Regularly used this refreshingly naural soap leaved my skin pure, already dimished a part of my pigemnted spot and helped me getting an evenly and brighter hue of facial skin colour.

    I absolutely love the gentle feeling when the soap touches my skin! It cleanes the face and soothes the mind.

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    Soothing Showertime

    Posted by Lisa on 30th Nov 2013

    I ordered the Yomogi soap as a compromise with my fiance, as he refuses to give up using soap (over shower gels etc) but wasn't keen on the "sumi" type. Since we've started using it, not only have I not received any complaints, but his skin which was suffering from the dry winter here has gradually gotten better (in combination with Aya Camellia oil!). I also use it and find my skin is perfectly balanced - not too dy, not too oily - even in winertime. It's also a welcome change from the strong smell of commercial soaps he was using before. It has a very mild, almost undetectable scent that I like very much.

  • 5

    Posted by Yolanda from Indonesia on 26th Aug 2013

    First of all, thank you for recommending this gem! Your customer service was really helpful :D It really is a wonder herb! The smooth and moisturized feeling it leaves is very pleasant, also it has already healed my big acne XD

    I had a little trouble when using it for the first time though (blame my sensitive skin for this!). I rubbed it directly onto my face and I felt like being scratched O_O (maybe because it's natural therefore its surface is not as smooth as commercial soaps). But after that I knew how to use it properly XD Instead of my direct face, I rub it onto my palms and let the lathers do its wonderful job!

  • 5

    Posted by Rae on 17th Jun 2013

    I was so impressed by this soap. It leaves your skin feeling soft and buttery but not oily. Non-drying and so gentle. It had an amazing soothing affect on my skin. I want to use it all the time now. I have never liked a soap this much! Yomogi is incredible.