Japanese Cedar (Sugi) Incense

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Soft, healing scent of a tranquil Japanese cedar (sugi) forest.

Very subtle and mild. Especially suitable for those who are sensitive to strong smells.

Made by grinding sugi needles into paste in a water mill, and hand-rolled with natural binders from bark of evergreen Tabu-no-ki (Persea thunbergii tree.)

All-natural, fragrance-free. No chemicals, essential oils, or burning accelerants.

Contents: 30 grams (app. 65 pieces)
Product of Japan

Eco-responsible Traditions

In Japan, people commonly go for a nature walk activity called shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) -- a national health initiative started by the government in 1982 based on scientific studies showing the healing effects of spending time in nature.

In Japan, people commonly go for health-boosting nature walks called forest bathing

The scent of sugi contains phytoncides, a bioactive compound which helps the tree stay healthy by preventing rot and attacks by germs, bacteria, and insects.

Phytoncide compounds are used in Eastern medicine and aromatherapy for general relaxation and improving health.

handmaking-sugi-incense-252.jpgThis sugi incense is produced in Kyushu by our family-run supplier who harvests the sugi needles without cutting down the trees and grinds them into pulp using a water mill powered by a local stream, with zero carbon footprint.

Hand-rolling, cutting, and packaging come next. The work is tedious, and production is on a small scale.

Out of over 40 such operations at the beginning of the 20th century, only two remain today. Calling the process labor of love is an apt description.

1 Review

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    Love Sugi

    Posted by Anonymous customer on 22nd Feb 2016

    Sugi entirely changed the feeling and energy in my home to be more refreshing, inviting and comfortable. Very natural scent which I love.
    This Sugi is so lovely and leaves behind the felling of having been outdoors. Thank you Wawaza!