About Shipment Tracking

Tips for Tracking Your Package

  • Check Regularly: Updates may not be immediate, but checking tracking regularly will keep you informed.
  • Contact Your Local Post Office: If you see "Notice Left" on your tracking page but didn't receive, or can't find the notice, contact your local post office for assistance.
  • Be Patient: International shipments can take time due to customs processing and other factors. For more information, visit our Delivery Days Guide.

How to Track Shipment

Track your shipment by entering the tracking number on the Tracking Page here.

Your tracking number is included in the shipment confirmation email. It is also listed under Shipping Details when you click on your Order Number on your Account Page.

Tracking Information Availability Online

Australia and Canada

  • Express Air Service (EMS): Detailed tracking displayed on the Tracking Page throughout the entire delivery process.
  • Registered Air: Tracking displayed on the Tracking Page until departure from Japan. Contact us for detailed tracking if your shipment is significantly delayed.

Note: Registered Air services for Australia and Canada are very reliable and economical. After the package leaves Japan, detailed tracking updates are not displayed online automatically. However, in the unlikely case of significant delivery delays, we can request further tracking information to locate the shipment. Regardless of this limitation, all shipments are insured against loss.

USA, EU, and Most Other Countries

  • Registered Air and Express Air Service (EMS): Detailed tracking displayed on the Tracking Page throughout the entire delivery process.

Gaps in Tracking Updates

It is common to see several days to weeks of no updates between certain tracking statuses. For example, there might be a gap of 1-2 weeks between when your package is processed in Japan and when it arrives and is processed in the receiving country (e.g., USA). This is normal and due to the transit time and customs processing. Please be patient as your package is on its way.

For more details, please refer to our Delivery Days Guide.

Common Tracking Terms

  • Inbound Into Customs: Your package has arrived in the destination country and is being reviewed by customs.
  • Processed Through Facility: Your package has been scanned and processed at a postal facility.
  • Out for Delivery: Your package is on its way to the delivery address.
  • Notice Left: Delivery was attempted, but no one was available to receive it. After a missed delivery, you can request redelivery:
    • online using your tracking link, or
    • by calling the number left on the notice by the postal carrier.
    • In most cases, you can also pick up the package at your local post office mentioned on the notice.

Example of Tracking Updates

The following is a typical tracking timeline from Japan to the USA, demonstrating:

  • potential gaps in updates due to transit and customs processing,
  • a missed delivery attempt, and the subsequent successful delivery.tracking-sample-page.jpg