Shipment Tracking

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Where can I find my tracking number?

Your tracking number is in your shipment confirmation email (Example: RX123456789JP). You can also find it in your account page (if you created an account before checkout.)

Common Tracking Terms

Below are explanations for typical tracking terms so you can understand your report better and put your worries at ease.


 ① Posting/Collection

We deliver your package to Japan Post. The entry shows the location, date, and time.

② Arrival at outward office of exchange

Your package has arrived at the port of departure from Japan. Typical ports are Osaka, Fukuoka, Kawasaki-Higashi, and Tokyo.

③ Dispatch from outward office of exchange

Your package has left Japan and is currently on its way to your country. 

After this point, it is quite normal that the tracking does not update for a while. 

The next tracking update (④ below) will be by your country's postal service. Please wait for your package to arrive in your country, at which time the tracking will be updated automatically.

④ Arrival at inward office of exchange

Your package has arrived in your country's customs inspection. From this point on, your country's postal service is directly tracking your package (with the same tracking number). 

⑤ Departure from inward office of exchange

Your package is on its way to the post office nearest you. If you have missed the delivery in ⑥ below, this is where you can pick it up.

⑥ Final delivery

Your package has arrived!

Actual Tracking Examples of Various Shipping Methods

Japan Post and your country's postal service use the same number to track your package and communicate the tracking information.

Your tracking report comes in two sections:

  1. Reported by Japan Post
  2. Reported by your country's postal service.

Below is an actual tracking report from an Express Air shipment.


Below is an actual tracking report from a Registered Air shipment.