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Heartleaf Dokudami Japanese Detox Tea

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This traditional Japanese tea helps rid your body of harmful toxins. A great companion to your weight loss regimen.

  • Helps you detox and keep in shape as you lose weight
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal
  • Mild laxative and diuretic
  • Helps increase urination and expel the body's excess water.

Helps rid your body of harmful toxins. Great companion to your weight loss regimen.Easy to prepare. Serve hot or cold. See how-to directions below.

Uncrushed for Optimal Quality

This tea is prepared from freshly-picked leaves, which are not crushed but cut in strips in traditional Japanese sun-giri (寸切り) style.

One sun is the Japanese unit of measure equal to the width of a person's thumb at the knuckle.

Crushed leaves are many times more prone to oxidation along their edges. Sun-giri ensures that the leaves are as close to their natural form as possible, at the same time minimizing oxygen exposure.

50 grams (1.8 oz) in a resealable, moisture-proof bag.

Also available in 150 grams bulk pack.

Wild Harvested, All Natural


 Processed and dried using traditional Japanese techniques

Hand-selected leaves are hygienically packed to ensure optimal quality


Wild harvested in subtropical
highlands of Miyazaki region
of Kyushu island, southern Japan.

Type: Herbal
Region: Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan
Caffeine: None
Flavor: Earthy & sharp with subtle fish & mint aroma
Color: Reddish Brown
Ingredients: 100% Houttuynia cordata leaves
Net Weight: 50 grams
Product of Japan

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About Dokudami

Japanese Dokudami Leaves

Dokudami is a Japanese native flowering plant (scientific name: Houttuynia cordata, commonly known as Heartleaf).

With its distinct and beautiful heart-shaped leaves and lovely white flowers, Dokudami is without a doubt one of the most highly regarded Japanese traditional herbal remedies.

In Japanese, the word Dokudami (ドクダミ) means "poison-block". It is also called juu-yaku  (十薬 ) meaning "ten medicines".

Dokudami is notably listed as a medicinal herb in the Pharmacopoeia of Japan (Nippon Yakkyoku Hou), the authoritative record published by the Japanese government since 1886.

See references below for more information.

How to Brew

The Japanese Senjiru Method

Senjiru is a time-tested Japanese method for brewing herbal teas. It is used to yield the maximum goodness locked deep in the herb, and to deliver the optimum combination of aroma, flavor and color.

Use good water and a non-reactive kettle to make tea

The following instructions are for making four 250 ml cups (1 liter).

☞ Always use fresh, good quality water (but not distilled.) If tap water, let it run cold for at least 10 seconds before using it.

☞ Always use a non-reactive kettle such as glass, stainless steel, enamel or cast iron (never aluminum!)

☞ Best not to use infusers or tea bags. Loose pieces move more freely and make better contact with water, allowing for richer extraction of goodness and flavor.


Pour a little more than 4 cups of cold water into a tea kettle.
Add 5 grams of loose tea (about 2 heaping tablespoons.)


Heat to a full, rolling boil.


Turn heat down, and simmer for 15 minutes.


Turn heat off, and wait for about 10 minutes.


Strain and serve.

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Product Reviews

  1. Great Tea Detox

    Posted by NutmegsMom on 29th Apr 2017

    I bought this as soon as my newsletter arrived in my inbox. My mother used to live in Miyazaki and was pleasantly surprised to see that I bought this for my Spring detoxification. She gladly dusted off her teapot and started brewing this tea for me each morning. I finally finished my last dosage and am moving onto the other tea (kuromame) that was also in the newsletter. Fresh product and deep earthy taste. What I like about it is the detoxification properties. Thanks!

  2. Great for my health!

    Posted by Ivanka on 5th Dec 2016

    Love this stuff, I drink this and the yomogi tea, this works great as a detox for my system, I always feel somewhat better after drinking it.. Love that there are so many herbs in it = many benefits. ;)

  3. Very good!

    Posted by Samuel from Ringwood, Australia on 17th Aug 2015

    Fast postage, good communication, extra good service. Very good!

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