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Senjiru (煎じる, to infuse, to decoct) is a Japanese technique you can use at home for brewing herbal teasHow To Brew Japanese Herbal Teas

Traditional Senjiru Method


Senjiru (煎じる, to infuse, to decoct) is a Japanese technique you can use at home for brewing herbal teas. It is a time-tested method which yields maximum goodness locked deep in leaves and delivers the optimum aroma, flavor, and color.

Senjiru is easy and does not require any special setups. It is used to brew a variety of herbal teas such as

The basic steps in Senjiru brewing are a rapid boil, followed by a simmer and then a cool down period.

Important: Always use good quality water and a non-reactive kettle

How to brew herbal teas the Japanese way-1

Add the loose tea to cold water. The basic ratio is 4-5 grams of loose tea per 1 liter of water. 

How to brew herbal teas the Japanese way-2

Heat to a full, rolling boil. 

How to brew herbal teas the Japanese way-3

Turn heat down and simmer for 15 minutes. 

How to brew herbal teas the Japanese way-4

Turn heat off and wait for about 10 minutes.

How to brew herbal teas the Japanese way-5

Strain and serve.

About Water Quality

If your tap water tastes bad, then so probably will your tea!

You should use fresh, good quality water without a lot of minerals (but not distilled water) to get the best flavor out of your tea. If using tap water, let it run cold for at least 10 seconds before using it.

Using a Non-reactive Kettle

Herbal teas, and indeed all teas, should be prepared in kettles made from a material that is as non-reactive as possible. The material your kettle is made of can chemically react with water and cause contamination.  

Aluminum kettles should definitely to be avoided. Aluminum is a reactive material which has been proven to cause toxic contamination. Glass, ceramic, stainless steel, enamel, marble or cast iron are excellent non-reactive, non-toxic materials.

Use good water and a non reactive kettle

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